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I officially hate moving.

This should come as no surprise to those of you who have ever seen our place, but we have a LOT of stuff. And heavy stuff at that; bulky stuff like stand mixers, and 2+ computers each, and large TVs, and lots of musical instruments and associated paraphernalia. And as it turns out, it doesn’t fit in the truck we rented and have been loading for the last two days. We’re going to have to trade out trucks and get the next size up, which I’m even less excited about driving, but Matt isn’t bothered by at all, fortunately.

We did get almost everything packed up in the condo finally (who knew I could fit so much stuff in the kitchen, even after I just “cleared it out” for the remodel?), which is very good. With any luck we’ll get everything transferred today, get the rest in from storage that wouldn’t go in the old truck, and then finish loading the last remnants from the condo that are boxed and waiting.

That should take us to tomorrow morning, and then we’ll be off! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Tom in a box

Tom taunted us by sleeping most of the day while we worked. At least we’ll get our revenge by putting him in the car for a week! 🙂


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We just finished our “moving day” and are very far from being ready to move!  Scott and Kat came to help us and we would really, really have been in trouble if they hadn’t.  Thanks, guys!

We have almost all of our furniture in the truck now, but we don’t have any of our boxes of stuff in there.  And since we don’t have a permit for another day (they’re ~$100 a day and have to be arranged far in advance with the city) then we’re having to park the truck at my aunt’s house in Newton and tomorrow will either try to find a spot vaguely close to us or will just shuttle boxes in the Honda all day.

Then after that we’ll start loading everything from storage.  We’re going to have to use some very creative methods to get everything in, but that’s the fun of it, right?  Right?

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Hello world!

I am going to attempt to keep everyone updated on our trek to reach our home. The availability of free internet access may thwart my efforts some of the time, but I’ll do my best!

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