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We’re continuing to unpack and to figure out how things fit in the new place.  We’re getting there.  We still don’t have any shelving or dressers, so we can’t really get our clothes or books sorted yet.  But we have comfortable couches and plenty of good food!

I’ve been having a great time cooking.  I was afraid that my yeast had died during the trip, but there was enough of it alive to rise well when I left the bowl in the sun.  Having a whole house of “warm, draft-free” places is very convenient for breadmaking!

I love doing errands on weekday afternoons.  You can get so much more done when most people are at work!  I keep looking around at everyone else and wondering how it is that they’re all not at work, too.  What strange and exciting ways do they fund their middle-of-the-work-day shopping trips?  If I could learn their ways, maybe I could keep this up!

Still no internet access, and the cell phone only works periodically.  But, we’re getting a landline on Thursday at which point we can talk to people again AND can use dial-up!  I never thought there would be
a day when I would be excited about dial-up again.  Sigh.


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Ah, it feels so good to be home! I forgot to mention that beyond the extraordinary amount of work on the house that our parents have done over the past few months, our SB friends also came up and decorated and left us some fun pictures all over the place to welcome us home to “Casa de Punto.” We’ll have to see if we decide to keep the name. 🙂

Amazingly, we have only found one, single thing that has been broken from the move, and that was some hardware on our disassembled entertainment center that was easy to replace with a trip to the hardware store. The entire kitchen made it 100% intact. I had decided on the road that I would assume that everything was in shards, and anything that made it would be a bonus. I was very pleasantly surprised!

Here are assorted pictures from the trip. We’ll have more stuff posted to flickr later, but it might be a couple days, since we don’t have internet access to the house yet.  The pictures are in random order since I don’t have time or the connection speed to work out how to upload them individually and/or sort them.  🙂

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Hey, folks, it’s Katie again! I really don’t know how we managed to find only hotels without internet access (two of them claimed to, but then found out that it was “broken” after we got there and had checked in). But, Dad did a fabulous job of updating this, and pretty much covered all of the basics.

We arrived last night at just about 4am, after the fuel fiasco happened around midnight. We crashed and woke up this morning still groggy, but too excited not to get up and get up to the house. We were short 8 hours of sleep, so that’s only goal only partially met, but it’ll suffice.

We returned the car carrier, and ended up with an army of people to help us unload the truck. There were three good friends who happened to be in town (plus an infant who is a new friend, though not much help with the unloading), three good friends who live in town who unexpectedly came down with a sickness that left them unable to go to work but still able to haul heavy things for us, and three parents who are ever-willing to do anything they can to help us out. The eleven of us merrily pulled everything out of the truck in approximately 2 hours! It’s crazy how fast things can go when you have a lot of help and don’t need to worry so much about making sure how it all fits together.

We had a delicious meal at the local Store and Grill down the end of our road. I think we’ll be frequent patrons! The store was essentially abandoned when the forest was closed by the Forest Service during the fire here last year, and the long-time manager purchased it from the old owners and has added a new outdoor stage and seating area as well as the deck that’s always been there (it’s on a hill). It looks really good, and they make a mean burger! They also offered “free refills” on fries because they made too many, and we were the only ones there. Can’t beat that!

After eating most everyone headed back over the mountain to the Santa Barbara side except for Dad and Orin, who stuck around to help with some unpacking. I got the bed set up first, then Orin and I started in on the kitchen (my favorite room), while Matt and Dad started re-assembling and arranging large pieces of furniture.

I know it’ll take us months to get things completely settled, but I’m really pleased with the amount that we were able to get done today. And being totally without any gainful employment for the time-being, we’re free to dedicate ourselves to unpacking, organizing, patching, painting, plumbing, and socializing. I think I can handle that. 🙂

I’ll try to get some pictures up tomorrow. There aren’t many, so don’t get too excited, but we do have some.

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I’ll let Katie fill you in on all the details when she wakes. The trip was uneventful except for the unanticipated 100 mile stretch between gas stations leaving the truck 30 miles short on fuel. Fortunately they were towing a car that still had gas in the tank so they unloaded it from the truck, drove 30 miles to a gas station, bought a gas can and gas, drove back 30 miles. Then they had enough fuel to drive the truck to the station. Many extra hours were consumed.

Their cell phone battery gave out around 10PM PDT and they were still about 180 miles from Santa Barbara. They still hadn’t eaten dinner. I suspect they arrived at Matt’s parents sometime around 4AM. I kept waking and finally climbed out of bed and drove the 1 mile to there house and found the truck (and car in tow) parked on the street.

So the plan according to Katie today is 1) get at least 8 hours sleep, 2) return the car carrier, 3) head to Paradise Rd and unload the truck. Somewhere in here I’m sure Katie will find the time to update my short entries.

– Paula

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Still no Internet (or too tired to write a post).

Here’s Katie’s exact text message to me:

“We made it to Albuquerque, but it wasn’t fun!”

They are within 1 day of hard driving to Santa Barbara. If they can make it they will at least hit Los Angeles late Sunday so traffic won’t be an issue.

I’m guessing they are going to need a couple of days of rest to recover but unfortunately we have to unload the truck Monday. Maybe after we do that they can collapse.

– Paula

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They made it as far as Vernon, Missouri Thursday night. Still no internet connection.

It’s 1700 miles to Santa Barbara. If they can get to Albuquerque tonight then Santa Barbara is possible by late Sunday.

– Paula

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Day 5 & 6

I’m writing this for Katie & Matt because the last 2 nights they haven’t had a working Internet connection. Tonight they are sleeping in London, Ohio, just west of Columbus. Last night they made it as far as Fultonville, NY which is just west of Albany.

Katie will edit this and fill in more details as soon as she has a chance. But for the meantime here are some bits:

– Leaving Boston was delayed when at the last minute Sophie crawled through a small hole in the wall of the condo and wouldn’t come out.

– After loading everything they hooked up the car to the truck and hit the road close to 7PM. Rather than stay in Boston another night they decided to try and make it out of Massachusetts before finding a place to sleep.

– Tom and Sophie were memorized when they looked out the motel window the 1st night and looked out over the Mohawk river. Having spent all their time in the city looking out at ankles and car tires they apparently didn’t know what to make of the new surroundings.

– The truck is really comfortable and Matt is enjoying driving it. Because it has taken them much longer than planned to get rolling and they have a time limit on returning the truck they won’t be able to stop for any visits along the way. And even through the route will take them a little farther south than originally planned they will still be hundreds of miles away from any family even at the closest points.

– Friday they will hit the road again and see how close they can get to Albuquerque. Since it’s 1400 miles away I suspect they will only make it about 1/2 way and end up somewhere around Oklahoma City.

– Paula

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