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Lemon cake

This weekend I tried variations on lemon cake (with lemon curd, lemon buttercream, and vanilla buttercream fillings).  I also tested out how a cake looks with only buttercream covering the outside, rather than fondant (not nearly as good), and whether or not painting with white coloring on colored icing works (it does).

As has been the case so far, a mixed bag of positives, but a good deal learned.  The separator plates are necessary, even with a cake as small as this (the bottom layer is 8″ in diameter).  Buttercream alone cannot be gotten smooth, and looks much less polished than fondant.  I definitely prefer the fondant look.  I like the look of the “paint” on the cake, though I’d need to really think about the design and background color.  I like lemon cake, or at least lemon flavor as part of the cake.  It’ll be a layer for sure.  I also got a cake leveler tool after the domed ridiculousness I experienced last time.  It made a huge difference and the cake is a lot more even overall, though I still need to be more careful about leveling the icing layers or I’ll still end up with a lopsided cake.

Here’s how it looked!

Cake from the front

Cake from the front

The white food paste is very opaque and shows up well, even against a very pale background.  I do like how the green color came out (a drop of leaf-green and about a quarter drop of burgundy to make a pale sage green).

Top view of the painted buttercream cake

Top view of the painted buttercream cake

The painted design was totally freehand and not planned well at all.  I think it could look pretty nice with a little thought.  I also saw a really interesting for technique for doing a combination of painting and piping on Ace of Cakes this week that I’ll have to try.  That’ll be next time!

Matt is already getting sick of cake, and I don’t really like it to begin with.  We need more people to take it around here!


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